Diesel Engine Products in NSW
We sell everything you need for your diesel engine

Steinbauer Power Module

Power Module
Steinbauer Power Module optimises your vehicle's fuel injection system, providing more power and torque without affecting the long-term reliability.

Ironman Products

Ironman have made long strides to reduce matter emissions from diesel-fueled engines. Ironman is an industry leader in equipment maintenance.

Bosch Diesel Parts & Delphi Parts

Bosch & Delphi Icon
Queanbeyan Diesel Service has auto parts from other diesel industry leaders, such as Bosch and Delphi. They have worked to make vehicles safe and efficient.

ARB 4 x 4 Equipment

ARB Icon
ARB was founded in1975 when the founder was inspired on a 4WDing trip through Australia. He decided the days of ill-fitting 4WD equipment were over! We're proud to carry ARB equipment. 

Common Rail Injectors & Pumps

Common Rail Injector Pump Icon
Common Rail Injection & Pump is a direct injection system for diesel engines. Perfect low-cost solution for small to medium diesel engines. 

Exchange Injectors & Pumps

Exchange Injector & Pump Icon
The injection pump is the heart of the diesel engine and is responsible for delivering the fuel to the engine and controlling speed of engine.

Terrain Tamer & Toughdog

terrain tamer icon
Terrain Tamer is the leader in 4WD replacement parts. Toughdog provides innovative suspension systems for every 4WD application and is developed here in Australia!

Fuel Manager Filtration Systems

Fuel Manager Filtration systems provides protection to your engine by filtering poor quality or contaminated fuel. Prevent potential, expensive engine repairs and call us today! 
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